Eileen is a special person blessed with an extraordinary gift. She is warm and compassionate and puts you at ease at your first meeting. Eileen serves as a channel for messages or thoughts from those who have crossed over. It is similar to a conduit; her gift allows her to connect two worlds.

When I mentioned to my husband that I had made an appointment, he told me he didn’t want to hear any more about it. “I do not believe in that stuff.”

dragonflyI have had two private readings and at the end of both I left in awe. Each reading brought forth numerous messages or thoughts from loved ones. At my first reading I could confirm and/or interpret the majority of the stories or events conveyed in the messages, but a few I could not. The following day I spoke to my sister and told her about the messages I couldn’t relate to, and without hesitation she told me the story or meaning behind the messages. This was confirmation to us that our parents are “with us.”

At one point during the reading, Eileen said an energy was coming through very strongly. She felt compelled to ask if my husband had lost someone very close to him. After hearing this message, I knew it concerned my husband’s brother. Bear in mind that at this particular time, Eileen had not met my husband.

On the way home, I gave my husband the message from his brother. My husband said there was no way Eileen could have known this because it was known only to him. My husband’s brother said he wanted my husband to know that “he is around him, is sad, and did not fit in or get the chance to say everything he wanted to say.” Tears came to my husband’s eyes as he told me he could not deny the accuracy of this information. My husband’s brother had taken his own life and was a homosexual.

After that, my husband made a private appointment with Eileen. He was able to confirm the accuracy of messages sent from his brother and other loved ones.

Both of us left our readings with a sense of peace.

I hope this testimonial will help nonbelievers and those who question “the other side.” I now believe that our loved ones are able to communicate to us in nontraditional ways.

—Deborah S., Maryland

In my one-on-one reading, Eileen created a space of openness and kind connection. She touched on various aspects of my life as they came to her, and the feedback she gave me on work, family, love, and myself was insightful. Some things she offered were nudges for me to follow up on ideas and intuition I already had, while others helped me bring together things that I didn’t see as being connected before. Although my reading was months ago, I find myself going back to my notes to reflect on it, and finding more and more resonance and unfolding truth as time goes on. I’m grateful for her generous gifts of time and insight.

—Melody P., Virginia

butterflyI was amazed and humbled by the depth and accuracy of my first reading from Eileen Strange. It will be the first of many. Her intuitive psychic method, expressed through automatic writing, confirmed much that is already present in my experience and intentions, and opened up new possibilities that I had not seen until Eileen read for me. I recommend her to anyone who is seeking clarity and direction in their important life choices.

—Dan Furst, Astrologer, Author of Dance of the Moon and Surfing Aquarius, Peru

I have had the honor of receiving readings, as well as working with Eileen, throughout the last five years. Eileen is a gifted reader whom I trust with all my heart. She has the courage to say what’s hard, but also the brilliance to know when it’s up to the client to do their work. This is what sets her apart. She is the real deal—accurate, precise, and walks the talk. As an intuitive mental health therapist, I would give Eileen a Ph.D. in integrity and the gift to change lives.

—Lisa Solterbeck, LCSW, CHt, Intuitive Empath

Over the past several years, I have met with many different channelers/mediums/psychics to explore who I am, why I am here, why I have chosen this life, where I am going, and how to open my heart in search of my spirituality. My experiences have ranged from interesting to awakening to mind-blowingly amazing. I have found a common theme in all my readings, but my sessions with Eileen are a totally different experience. While many of my life themes are the same, there is a depth that Eileen brings to her readings that the others didn’t. Sessions with Eileen are not timed (i.e., no clocks or stopwatches), but are extremely relaxed, warm, and nurturing, allowing her to let the spirits come at their pace and allowing me to receive and digest what I am hearing so that I can get the most out of my session. Eileen’s ability to hone in on why I am here never ceases to amaze me. I always leave with the answers I came seeking. I highly recommend Eileen to anyone who wants to open their mind and soul and gain a true understanding of their life and why they are here.

—D. Kacey, Maryland

Everyone is anxious about the future, but if we are truly honest, most of us wouldn’t really want to know what is going to happen five years from now, or even five minutes from now. For most of us, the past and present hold hurts and terrors enough without agonizing about the future.

dragonflyAnd therein lies the blessing of letting Eileen “drop in” to your inner life. If you want comforting clichés about meeting tall dark strangers or winning the lottery, stick to 1-800-PSYCHICS, because what Eileen has to offer is a richer, more profound experience of self-awareness and healing. It begins the moment you take shelter from everyday concerns in the welcoming embrace of her Little Stone House.

Nothing I say here could convince you of Eileen’s exceptional gifts as an intuitive empath. Those you will discover for yourself as her revelations guide you to awareness of who you really are, what you need to do to be whole, why you have endured certain pivotal experiences, where you fit (or don’t fit) in your family of origin, how past relationships have shaped your character, and how present relationships are mirroring your past, filling essential needs, or draining your emotional resources. You may find yourself wondering, “How could she possibly know that?” or shedding tears of relief as she guides you through the process of encountering your past and healing old wounds.

I made my first appointment with Eileen on the recommendation of a trusted friend, whose reading had filled her with awe and joy, and led her down new paths of self-discovery. I have gone back again and again, profoundly grateful to have a wise and loving soul shepherd on my side.

—Bonnie L. Casey, author of Growing in Circles: My Struggle to Make Peace with God, Myself, and Just About Everything

butterflyEileen is an unmixed blessing in my life. She has a way of giving a message that sends the thought she’s sharing straight to my soul. There is peace in her company and a generosity of spirit that reaches deeply, nourishing and strengthening. I feel hugely favored just by knowing her and being in her presence. The first time I met her, she reminded me that “times of difficulty are a bridge that get us to exactly where we need to be in preparation for the next ‘event’ in our soul’s growth.” That thought has encouraged and helped many times in the year-and-a-half I’ve known her. Hers is a uniquely beautiful spirit—she is indeed a true Soul Shepherd.

—Marilynne E., Maryland

Working with Eileen is like looking into a wondrous mirror that allows me to better see my choices rather than a “right” or “wrong” answer. Her ability to “see” my feelings is impeccable, and I always leave her feeling enlightened and empowered. She helps me bring out the best in myself.

—Mandy H., Maryland

I attended a group reading session with Eileen and, while I was a bit skeptical at first, once I started hearing her communicate with the other attendees, I knew what she was getting was for real! I could feel her totally connect with each person. When it was my turn, while I felt a little shy in front of the others, I felt relaxed with her in front of me. When she delivered her first insight about me, it hit home so much! Eileen brought through things about how I feel and things from my father and how I don’t like being hurt. This is so, so true about me. She brought through my mother/grandmother who is watching over me, and she knew that I loved animals!!! It blew me away! I felt so connected that I called her personally to thank her. I feel close to Eileen even though I don’t really know her. She is a loving, kind, and wonderful Spirit here on Earth who has been blessed to pull forward what our soul might be feeling or needing.

—Debi K., Maryland

butterflyHaving been so impressed with her accurate “knowings” about me and my children, I asked Eileen to share about my partner. He was skeptical when I approached him with the notes I’d taken as Eileen spoke, and he made little comment at the time. An hour later, he asked if he could review my notes. His skepticism morphed into intrigue. We sat for an hour as he related to me his amazement at the accuracy of what Eileen shared.

—Carol E., Maryland

What comes across most strongly is Eileen’s generosity of Spirit, as evidenced by the time she puts into preparation for a reading, as well as the relaxed, unhurried atmosphere of the time she spends with you. I’ve found the wisdom that she shares to be practical and useful, but not in a “fortune-telling” way. Growth and development of inherent skills and strengths are always the focus, and Eileen repeatedly gets to the very core of matters.

—C. Reisdorf, Maryland

dragonflyI have had the most amazing opportunity to receive a reading from Eileen Strange. I first met Eileen at a training session and was instantly in awe of her empathic abilities. I have received several intuitive readings from Eileen, one of which focused primarily on medical issues. Eileen was not only spot-on about my current medical problems, she was also able to see other issues concerning my health that I was not aware of. She has the ability to see what other professionals often miss. I found myself riveted in place as she helped me see where my life was going. She is truly a gifted individual who works from her heart to help others heal their lives. She is one of the most accurate psychics I know. She has blessed my life time and time again, showing me what the world has ready for me. I recommend to anyone who is suffering or feeling trapped in life to get a reading with Eileen. She will help you see where you are stuck and help you find the courage to move forward.

In Love and Light

—Theresa Peters MSW, Salem Oregon

I met Eileen two years ago when my cousin introduced me to her. I had never had any readings in a group or private setting. I wasn’t interested in knowing my future and didn’t have any burning questions I needed answered. After my cousin told me that Eileen was interested in working with me, I sat on that information for about three months until I finally contacted her. Nothing had changed, but my cousin had been working with Eileen and was happy with her readings, so I figured, why not give it a try?

My first reading with Eileen was a warm and wonderful experience. Eileen made me feel very comfortable and talked me through what to expect before she began. From the moment my reading started, everything Eileen said to me connected to my life. It felt like talking with my forever friend. I tried to write down every word because I wanted to be able to remember it all. During the reading, I lost all sense of time. When the reading was over Eileen talked with me and asked me how I felt. I felt emotional about some things because they were so exact and meaningful to my life. Before this reading Eileen knew very little about me. The things she shared with me she could never have known other than through her gift. I left my first reading with Eileen feeling amazed and inspired by all she had told me. Along with her messages, I was also given the gift of her personal thoughts. Eileen told me not to put mountains in front of myself. I used this advice to move forward with some of the things that came through in my reading.

After my reading I couldn’t wait to tell everyone I knew about Eileen and her amazing gift. I knew that I wanted all of my friends and family to experience her gift. I wanted everyone to feel what I felt when I was with her. After my private reading, I scheduled a group reading at my home for close friends and family. My first group reading was so successful, I decided to have a second. The word spread quickly through my loved ones and friends. Every person at each of my group readings found Eileen’s messages to be relevant to the group as well as to each individual. At the group readings, Eileen first does a group meditation and gets the space ready. At my group reading, she started with general group messages until she began to move around the circle, giving each person a personalized reading. She is quiet with her messages and keeps them as private as possible in a circle of people. Eileen is so generous with her time. She always goes over her allotted time and gives special attention to those who really seem to need it.

Eileen is not only a wonderful empath, but a compassionate and loving spirit who brings those qualities through in her readings. I have experienced private readings, group readings, and a double reading with my husband. All of these experiences were unique. My husband and I cherish every message Eileen delivers.

dragonflyWhen I first met Eileen, I was in a much different place than I am now. I had been a certified elementary school teacher, but had quit many years earlier to care for my five children. Eileen did not know that about me, but in my first reading she said she saw me as a teacher. When I said that I couldn’t work because of my children, she reassured me that I should not let that be a block. Not long after that, doors started to open for me: free education, an internship, a long-term substitute position, and finally a full-time teaching position in the school my children attend. This was a dream-come-true job that, before I met Eileen, I never would have imagined possible. Somehow every obstacle was removed from my path. Eileen’s messages helped me open my mind and get out of my own way. I am a better mother, wife, friend, and teacher thanks to my readings with Eileen

—Brooxxe Ruch

I’ve been to Eileen for group sessions as well as a one-on-one. I was really impressed in both settings. She somehow just knows who you are–your strengths and weaknesses. It’s really kind of freaky (in a good sort of way). She is great at reading your energy (or whatever it is she reads) and making dead-on suggestions about the changes you need to make to live your best life. Eileen is also an awesome medium. During my one-on-one, she spoke with my husband’s father, who died when my husband was eight years old. She asked me if my husband had a really bad fall while building our house—a fall that might have killed him but that he survived unhurt. I was amazed and confirmed that he had fallen two stories onto a concrete floor and been flown to a shock trauma unit. We couldn’t believe that his only injury was a bruised hip. Eileen said he wasn’t seriously injured because his deceased father was there to help him. That blew my mind. There’s no way she could have known about my husband’s fall! When I told my skeptic of a husband, even he became a believer. If you’re on the fence about calling for an appointment, I strongly suggest you take the leap. She’s really good and, as an added bonus, a really nice person.

—Ellen H., Maryland

butterflyThe first word that comes to my mind when I think of Eileen is “amazing.” She is the real thing, and I am very thankful that she came into my life. I was going through a lot of changes in my life that I could not have gotten through without Eileen’s spiritual guidance. She knew how I was feeling and helped me put all of my thoughts into perspective. I was having health problems, but with her guidance I was able to find the answer to what was wrong. She empowered me to move forward with certain medical tests, which I would not have done without her persistence. I continue to seek her spiritual guidance in many aspects of my life. I’ve also attended her amazing group sessions. She has helped me become a more spiritual person, more aware of how I interpret my feelings. If you are looking for someone who is honest and true, you should make an appointment to see Eileen.

—Deniz Erman, Maryland

Eileen is a most gifted medium. My session with her was both revealing and comforting. She was able to zero in on areas that I wasn’t in tune with and to provide me with information that I could use to move forward in my life. She was able to feel places in my heart that I had locked away from myself and loved ones. Recently, I came across the notes I took during my session. Everything that had come up during the session is still relevant today and continues to guide me.

—Tina S., Maryland

I first met Eileen many years ago when we were co-workers. We both moved on to different jobs but managed to keep in touch, mostly through Christmas cards. I didn’t know then that our paths would cross often, and that each time was meant to happen, like breadcrumbs that led us down our unique paths.

Years later, Eileen called to say she had some interesting news to share with me. She told me she was on a new journey, a spiritual one. At that time in my life, I was studying Reiki and attending various spiritual classes. Needless to say, that dinner lasted for many hours as we excitedly shared our experiences from a new world.

It is very difficult for me to convey in words what I want others to know about Eileen. It is more of a feeling, a knowing, if you will. Eileen is very special, and I say that not because we have been friends for many years. In the depths of my heart and soul, I know this is true. Eileen just “is.”

One day I asked Eileen to do a reading for me. No words could convey what that remarkable experience was like for me.

Eileen is very modest, and I do not think she fully comprehends just how special her gift is. The only thing I can say is, “See for yourself.” Have Eileen do a reading for you just once and you will truly understand what special is.

—Deborah P., Maryland

I’m not the kind of person who believes in clairvoyance or psychic premonitions. In fact, my very logical, science-driven mind instantly rejects such things. However, my mindset changed rather quickly when I met Eileen. I wouldn’t say Eileen is a psychic in the traditional sense of the word, but she definitely has power. During a brief encounter, she was able to look into my eyes and see things about myself and my family that no one else knew—including me. She revealed personal struggles that I was avoiding or running away from, while giving me insights into key family members and how and why our relationships had evolved the way they did. It was an eye-opening experience. I was simultaneously surprised and impressed, so much so that I made a journey to her home in Maryland for a full reading.

I have to say, the full reading from Eileen did not disappoint. It gave me awareness of who I truly am and where things had gone wrong in my experiences or my interpretation of those experiences. More importantly, it gave me valuable understanding of the dysfunction in my family and its root causes. The awareness and understanding didn’t magically fix my struggles, but they did help me drop a lot of unnecessary baggage I was carrying and gave me a sound blueprint for moving forward.

dragonflyIf you are looking for more insight and clarity, or want to connect more with your spiritual self, a chat with Eileen may get you closer to what you seek.

—Kam, Brazil (currently world traveler and writer)

One of the first things Eileen said to me was that I was “not alone” when I walked into her reading room. “In fact, you are protected, very protected.” I knew that to be true. Eileen talked to me about my husband who had passed and the things he would do. –All true. Even though I already knew all of what she was telling me about him, it was comforting to hear. When you suffer a loss, the grieving doesn’t have a time limit. It comes and goes. Being reminded he is close by meant a lot to me and quieted my sad heart. Eileen told me that there was something going on with my back, not the lower back, but a little higher. Upon returning home and having an x-ray, there was degeneration mid-back and it was contributing to the hip issue she had also mentioned during my reading! Eileen is very unique and gifted. I would certainly recommend Eileen to anyone looking for a reading.

-Theda, South Carolina

My session with Eileen was stunningly unique and fabulously phenomenal! While I am a naturally self-aware and reflective person, and despite many experiences working with other metaphysical intuitives, I’ve never had someone “read” me in quite the same way before. All she required was a picture of my eyes, which also piqued further curiosity for me about them being considered the “window of the soul”… Anyways, through that method of accessing information, she was able to “drop in” on who I “am” from a broader level, communicating to me many dynamics and patterns that I could affirmatively notice as factors that do indeed (from my own honest self-reflection) compose my “character” under the contextual umbrella I see as the “archetype of my soul.” She highlighted certain habits and styles of interaction I engage in with others (and myself), with particular focus on those in my family and immediate circle of intimate connections. She outlined some of the gifts and strengths that I embody and “bring to the table” in life, as well as some of the challenges and “hang-ups” I am continuing to work towards transforming through my life’s perpetual unfolding. The perspective she provided was extremely accurate and easy for me to deeply resonate with, which also meant that it was not all “sunshine and lollipops”… It was occasionally difficult to face some of the more reluctantly acknowledged impediments I impose upon myself through distorted methods of relating (to myself and others), but it was exactly that type of insight I needed to “enlighten” my self-concept so that I can begin to dispel those “inhibiting illusions” and understand my present circumstances/situations more clearly. Ultimately, Eileen was able to “see” me in a very unobstructed light, while pointing out the more obstructing “shadows” that have only hampered the degree to which I’ve allowed my true magnificence to shine. Additionally, she also provided several techniques of self-inquiry and personal reflection that have allowed me to take a closer, more authentic, look at who I am, what I’m doing, and how I can best move forward now in my own, ongoing journey of “becoming.” After our time spent working together, I look forward to the ways I can begin engaging my life from a more empowered position of even greater self-understanding, allowing the “eye-opening” revelations she provided to take root, grow, flower, and produce a brighter harvest of “fruit” to offer the world. Much gratitude and appreciation goes out to her for the work which she so lovingly does!

—Nate, North Carolina (Distant Reading)

“Eileen is the SHIT!!”

—Josh P., Vancover, WA